camille rousseau


In this collaboration between a photographer and an artist, processes and ways of looking come together to compose a series of surreal and dreamlike portraits of musicians, filmmakers and artists. The title of the project les invisibles refers to the hidden forms and imperceptible creatures that make up our aura. David Lynch is the first portrait in the series and acts as the director in this exploration to capture the invisible, drawing forth that which the spotlight conceals. Julien Mignot catches these sightings of les invisibles, finding a significant moment within ephemeral encounters at the festival. The photos shift elsewhere as artist Camille Rousseau gives form to the creatures with her lines and marks, using the unique intimacy of drawing, her lines and marks trace out their presence.


Each portrait is different encapsulating the little divinity.
for Cannes this year Julien was commissioned by Grazia France, He proposed the portraiture project ‘les invisibles’ to the New Yorker, knowing he would already be taking a lot of interesting portraits throughout his time spent at the internationally acclaimed festival, working for the Daily Grazia Magazine.

During a week Camille receive the image every 4 hours and had to create the divinity, the aura that lives around the person, the drawings and compositions made with carbon paper were drawn on top on the images once printed. The composition changed from the original picture, playing with the light or the subject and its environment. The exercice was likely to be a happening that last a week, 4 portraits has to be done in real time and posted in the newyorker instagram feed. The challenge was to be as quick and genuine as possible, understanding each personnality and Julien’s vision.