camille rousseau
    What is NNIPAS      is a multiform artistic project. NNIPAS is the acronym for the French “We would not go if…” For our last edition we were 8 artists: 5 photographers, an author, one illustrator and a sound creator.    N N I P A S is an on-going project, a series of journeys : Participant are Vincent Catala , Christophe Caudroy, Julien Mignot, Tanguy Bizien Photographers, Author. Experiencing a destination that we would otherwise have no reason to go to, if not together.  Here is the images that trace our path and emotions.     Why wouldn’t we go ?     We wouldn’t go if we weren’t together   We wouldn’t go if we wouldn’t be following the instructions of a master of ceremony.    We wouldn’t go if we wouldn’t want to put ourselves to the test of a given place and of a limited time to create.    The   NNIPAS   protocol is the following: a   master of ceremony   imposes one or more destinations on the participants.   They get there and spend several days together. Our ambition is to deliver an interpretation of the destination through a visual, graphic,textual and sound universe by mixing different techniques and modes of expression. The center of our artistic approach is to value and promote areas that are either little known either undervalued. The destination: a country, a region, a city, a street, a hotel, a room.    The time-period: a week of production, a week of editing, exhibition and restitution.   NVI.STM  The ambition, held by master of ceremony Rodolphe Burger was to showcase our work during his music festival “C’est dans la Vallée” which takes place every 2 years in le Val d'argent. In September 2015 we crowdfunded our NNIPAS edition NVI. Generous contributors helped us to bring our projet alive,  installing a container and set our exhibition in St Marie aux mines, during the festival.